Intergas builds character(s)

Intergas builds character(s)

Intergas is making a virtue of the increasing dominance of social media by creating five characters who will be appearing regularly on all platforms, delivering news and information as well as answering installer and consumer questions.

Speaking about the characters, Stephen Zouch, Managing Director, Intergas, said: “We’re a small company with lots of great personalities who are passionate about what they do. We believe harnessing their characters will be the most effective way to engage with our customers. After all, there’s only so much a brochure, website or ad can do, and we believe by putting a face (or faces in our case) to the Intergas name we’ll be more approachable, our customers can get to know us and our products more easily and, we hope, like what they see.”

The five faces have already been appearing on social media, and each has their own field of expertise…

Stephen Zouch, UK Managing Director, is ‘The Strategy Man’
Long term planning is his forte and he is working on future UK developments; he also delivers the Intergas view on government legislation and its effects on the industry.

Manny Puletti, UK Sales Director, is ‘Mr Commercial’
His role encompasses everything up to and including the pricing policy, managing the sales effort and ensuring customer service standards are high and continually improving.

David Stanley, UK Technical Operations Manager, is ‘The Tech Guy’
Whatever the query, dilemma or issue, David can explain it or sort it. His knowledge across new build, social housing and the one-off markets is an invaluable resource to installers and consumers.

Ralf Jansen, Worldwide Head of Communications, is ‘The Dutch Connection’
Based at headquarters in Coervoden, he is the bridge between the UK and the Netherlands. He covers international developments coming our way, as well as international issues that may affect us.

Terri Taylor, Marketing Executive, is ‘The Motivator’
She makes things happen, planning national campaigns while keeping her finger on the pulse of trending issues and responding accordingly. She also has a special interest in all things environmental.

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