Increasing safety with FireAngel

Increasing safety with FireAngel

Jewish Autistic & Deficit Disorders Support (JADDS), a support group for parents of children with Attention Deficit Disorder and associated disabilities, has enhanced its fire and carbon monoxide (CO) protection levels by adopting the latest sensing technology from FireAngel.

JADDS has installed FireAngel smoke alarms that utilise the latest Thermoptek Multi-Sensor technology, as used by over 90% of the UK Fire & Rescue Services, for detection of both fast flaming and slow smouldering fires in a single alarm, as well as battery powered CO alarms, to provide detection of serious fire or CO incidents quicker.

In addition, Low Frequency Sounders and Strobe & Pads have also been installed to provide additional protection in the event of a serious incident to high-risk individuals, such as children. This is of particular importance to JADDS as a low frequency signal is more likely to wake up a child, whilst the flashing strobe and vibrating pad will be triggered to alert those who may not be able to hear the audible alarm.

All the alarms installed are wirelessly interlinked to create a network using FireAngels’ Wi-Safe 2 communication technology. In the event of any one single device being triggered, all other alarms in the network will sound with the same alarm pattern, making it easier to identify whether it is a fire or CO incident.

Adele Ross, Chair of JADDS, said: “Research has revealed that standard smoke alarms do not reliably wake children under the age of 16, which was particularly disturbing to me as part of the treatment for ADD is medication to help children sleep.

“Thankfully, by combining the use of FireAngel’s Low Frequency Sounder, Strobe & Pad, latest sensing technology and Wi-Safe 2 interlinking we can be assured that our fire and CO protection levels are of the highest standard.”

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