EUA highlights promise of green gas

EUA highlights promise of green gas

“It is exciting to hear that green gas production has doubled in 2016. The growing consensus is that green gas is the least costly option for helping to decarbonise heat and transport in the UK and we applaud the work of those like Caroline Flint MP in their efforts to promote its use more widely,” says Isaac Occhipinti, Head of External Affairs at the Energy and Utilities Alliance, EUA.

His comments come following the publication of a new report by the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association, which says that the UK now has almost 90 plants injecting green biomethane into the gas grid, double the number of this time last year.

Mr Occhipinti continued: “Green gas technology provides clean, affordable and sustainable energy to meet the challenges of decarbonisation in both the heating and transportation sector.

“Currently, 85% of homes use gas to keep warm and by injecting green gas directly into the grid we can start to decarbonise heat with no household disruption as it avoids the need to rip out existing heating systems.

“Natural gas also offers a very real alternative to diesel. OEM natural gas vehicles deliver lower emissions compared to diesel helping reduce both carbon and NOx emissions which improves air quality considerably.

“A staggering 20% of the total transport sector greenhouse gas emissions come from the UK’s 208,000 HGVs. In the UK alone, if just one percent of light commercial vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, buses and coaches switched to natural gas we could reduce CO2 by 64,000 tonnes per annum and see NOx emissions reduced by 13 tonnes.

“In the UK we have very challenging carbon emission targets but green gas offers an inexpensive solution to helping achieve them.” 

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