Heating engineers fundraising for Jadi Best

Heating engineers fundraising for Jadi Best

A group of heating engineers has come together with a mission to raise funds for Jadi Best. 

On her gofundme page, Jadi explains why she’s raising money: “Hello my name is Jadi! I’m 30 years young and I’ve been on a progressive journey through Breast Cancer since I was 23. And after 6 years, I was then diagnosed in May 2016 as stage 4 ‘incurable’ disease and my cancer was now in my Bones, Liver and Lungs. Then, out of the blue it decided it would progress again this time to my brain. My cancer is aggressive, and unwilling to behave and unfortunately my treatment options available are running out and time is of the essence. Therefore, I thought if I could do a bit of my own research into different treatments and get a referral to another specialist cancer hospital perhaps I may stand a chance at a longer lifespan with my family, husband and dogs, which would be my dream!”

Among the installers currently on board are Tom Selby, Marcus Bull and Martin Shelton, who are offering boiler services for £50 – with the money going directly to the fund. We caught up with Tom to find out more.

Tom, how did you get involved with fundraising for Jadi?
“I wanted to try my best to help a lifelong friend reach her target. After thinking about what I could do, I realised it would be better if people could receive something in exchange, such as a boiler service, which will also help to keep gas appliances safe. People who wouldn’t normally have them checked may well do so as the money’s going to charity.”

If there are other installers who would like to help, how can they get involved?
“If anyone else wants to get involved helping out in the Nottingham area then they can contact me and I can arrange something for them. Even if it’s just one service, that would be great. If not, then simply helping me to spread the word and get people donating is what we need!”

If you would like to help, please contact Tom via one of the following links:

To make a donation and to watch Jadi’s video, click here

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