IDHEE questions the Each Home Counts review

IDHEE questions the Each Home Counts review

The IDHEE is very concerned about the ‘Each Home Counts’ review, published on Friday 16th December.

“Whilst we welcome the aims of the review and will always continue to engage with Government and others on improving the sector, from the heating industry perspective, these proposals appear to be another layer of bureaucracy on top of a sector that already has Gas Safe, Competent Persons Schemes and MCS,” said IDHEE Chief Executive, David Matthews.

“We are also not sure what extra levels of benefit there will be to renewable heating, which already has consumer protection, including alternative dispute resolution (ADR), independent advice, a quality mark, free-at-the-point-of-use industry standards and a forum for improving skills and training.

“Yes, there is much that needs improving in the renewable heating sector and this is why the IDHEE is at the centre of using existing channels to improve this sector. We believe that the main requirements are improving existing certification schemes and codes, rather than bringing in yet another scheme to add to an already overcrowded domestic heating accreditation marketplace. Naturally, we are only commenting from the domestic heating industries perspective and recognise that other sectors might desire greater levels of certification.

“Over this past year, we have actively engaged with the Each Home Counts review on many occasions and have repeatedly expressed our concerns. That is why we are setting them out again in a more public arena so that this debate on codes and certification means that we improve installations for consumers and minimise bureaucracy for installers.”

John Doherty, IDHEE president, commented: “The domestic heating – and especially renewable heating – sector requires simplification, rationalisation and improved delivery, rather than more schemes. The IDHEE is concerned that this will lead to yet more duplication.”

David added: “I have been chairing the Renewable Energy Skills Forum for this last year and this forum has looked to avoid duplicating work with Each Home Counts. Despite several requests for attendance at skills meetings, I have attended one private meeting with a member of the team. We need to find a way to co-ordinate our work to improve delivery, as we have similar aims and objectives.”

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