EDITOR’S VIEWPOINT: The more things change…

EDITOR’S VIEWPOINT: The more things change…

Jonathan Cole considers an industry in the grip of change.

It will have escaped the attention of precisely no-one that we are in a period of significant change: ‘a tsunami of change’ was how one analyst aptly described it at a recent industry event we attended.

On a global scale these changes are often called ‘megatrends’ and include issues such as urbanisation, population growth, migration, and climate change.

Nationally, we have just witnessed another general election (the third in less than five years), the Brexit saga rumbles on, and many wonder if the promised shift from austerity to investment will finally appear this year.

Closer to home, within the heating and plumbing sector, many issues are also in state of flux (pardon the pun). The future of gas and decarbonisation of the grid are coming to the fore, growth in ‘smart’ and digital solutions continues, connectivity is reaching ever more products and the supply chain is evolving at pace – not to mention continued concerns over issues such as tool theft, training and mental health.

Here at PHPI, we have also had some recent changes. I have recently taken on the editorship and I look forward to learning more about the sector and the pivotal role of the professional installer.

But as the French novelist Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr once put it: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” (Yes, I looked it up)

Just as it always has been, the heating and plumbing world remains packed with people who value quality and champion high standards – fantastic installers providing skilled and highly valued services to a broad variety of customers. And, as we have reported on numerous occasions, it is a sector with more than its fair share of conscientious individuals ready to go the extra mile to help others.

Plus, on the manufacturing side of things, suppliers continue to innovate – as many have done throughout their history – to create solutions that make life easier for installers and better for customers.

For over three decades, PHPI has been reporting and reflecting on the sector, championing best practice and responding to the needs of installers. Whatever changes lie ahead, we will continue to do this, placing the professional installer at the heart of the conversation – just as we always have.

Do get in touch with your thoughts.

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