Ariston reminds installers of Boiler Plus

Ariston reminds installers of Boiler Plus

Ariston is reminding installers to ensure they are prepared for the legislation, coming into force in April. As previously reported, Boiler Plus stipulates a new minimum performance standard for domestic gas boilers in homes in England of 92% ErP in accordance with the EU’s 2020 carbon reduction targets. The directive was implemented by the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to ‘set a clear path for the UK’s decarbonisation commitment’.

One of the key facets installers need to be aware of is that, when fitting a new combination boiler, they must ensure either flue gas heat recovery, weather compensation, load compensation or smart heating controls with automation and optimisation functions are included as part of the heating system.

The existing Ariston heating range has already been designed to achieve the minimal ErP rating of 92%, with the company offering many products adhering to the requirements of Boiler Plus, asserts the manufacturer.

Commenting on the options available, Alex Boweren, Product Manager at Ariston, said: “We offer a full suite of smart controls, each utilising the Ariston NET system and app, allowing end users to manage the heating in their homes from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Not only does this comply with Boiler Plus, it’s also perfectly suited for people with busy schedules who do not want to compromise on comfort or efficiency.”

One such device is the recently launched Cube S Net Wi-Fi thermostat, which boasts its own embedded communication protocol, BusBridgeNet. This ensures the control is always connected to both the boiler and the Ariston NET app. The Cube S Net utilises the latest modulating technology and features internet weather monitoring functionality, making it the perfect option in terms of satisfying the demands of Boiler Plus.

Then there is the Ariston Outdoor Sensor, which reacts to external temperatures, interacting with the boiler to adjust water temperatures accordingly. This increases efficiency without compromising user comfort – as well as meeting the Boiler Plus ‘weather compensation’ criteria.

Similarly, Ariston’s Sensys controls measure the gap between both the internal and set temperatures, then modulate the boiler so only the necessary amount of energy is used to close the gap between the two. Such functionality easily surpasses the ‘load compensation’ requirements of the new legislation.

Commenting on the potential impact the new standards could have on the heating sector, Alex continued: “While any new industry initiative can appear daunting at first, Boiler Plus shouldn’t give installers any cause for concern. Our product portfolio already achieves the necessary ErP percentage required, as not only are our boilers extremely efficient, we also have an extensive range of intelligent controls with load and weather compensation capabilities. As a result, those already familiar with the Ariston range have nothing to worry about; the only noticeable impact should be inefficient heating products disappearing from the market.”

Installers looking for more information can contact their local Ariston representative for advice, as well as visit their nearest training centre or contact the company’s technical advice department on 0333 240777.

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