INSTALLATION FOCUS: Cramer Harosecur Strip

INSTALLATION FOCUS: Cramer Harosecur Strip

PHPI reports on the Harosecur Strip from Cramer.

The Harosecur Strip is designed to be ideally suited for protecting and cushioning ceramic sanitaryware when installing against a tiled wall or floor. It also assists in protecting the sanitaryware from stress from excess weight, and the load bearing is easily doubled when using the strip during installation.

Pressure test
The following test was completed by a major European sanitaryware manufacturer. Firstly, a WC pan was fixed to a tiled wall and pressure applied. The pan failed at 250kg. When a WC pan was fixed to a tiled wall using Harosecur Strip and pressure applied at 600 kg – the maximum the machine could apply – the pan was still intact.

The product
The self-adhesive, flexible tape is made of acid resistant plastic with a smooth bacteria repellent surface and can be adapted to all ceramic forms and shapes, however tight the bend, because of the flexibility of the teeth styled edge. It can be trimmed to the desirable length with a sharp knife or scissors. It will also compensate for uneven surfaces on walls and floors, and several layers can be added to even out larger discrepancies. The simplicity of applying the tape enables the appliance to be used immediately and using the tape will effectively help with soundproofing too. Harosecur-Strip conforms to DIN 16778. Each pack contains three 500mm strips.

1: Remove protective paper from edge, first along the side, then lengthways.

2: Attach strip to ceramic edge of object approximately 2cm from outer edge.

3: Cut to the length required with sharp scissors or a knife. For very tight curves, remove some of the teeth. For corners, cut on the mitre.

4: After positioning and securing item to wall or floor, fill joint with mastic for perfect finish.

A video guide is also available:

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