CIPHE: Professional and proud to prove it

CIPHE: Professional and proud to prove it

As the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) enters the third year of its ‘Proud to be a Professional’ campaign, Richard Soper, Director of Development at the Institute, encourages installers to wear and display the CIPHE badge with pride in a mission to stamp out unscrupulous practice and protect vulnerable consumers.

Since the CIPHE launched its ‘Proud to be a Professional’ campaign in 2016, it has been hugely encouraging to engage with so many installers who are passionate about safeguarding homeowners by offering a professional service, delivered to the highest standards. From members to non-members of the Institute, it’s clear there are a lot of dedicated people out there who are working to make a difference in the UK.

However, while there are some fantastic examples of workmanship to speak of, for every good job there’s likely to be a homeowner who has experienced the handiwork of an unqualified individual – and been left with a serious problem or (in the worst cases) in danger as a result.

The prime motivation of fraudsters is usually to make as much money as they possibly can without a care for customer safety or satisfaction. If you’ve ever arrived to undertake a job and spent time correcting bad workmanship before you even begin, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Flushing out fraudsters
For years now, the most reputable elements of the plumbing and heating industry – from educational charities like the CIPHE, to trade associations, manufacturers and installers alike – have campaigned to raise awareness of the risks associated with unprofessional practices. This is an ongoing battle and one the CIPHE is wholly committed to fighting – not alone but together with support from the wider industry, there being strength in numbers.

Central to this, of course, is the mission to encourage more plumbing and heating engineers to join the Institute and wear or display the CIPHE badge with pride.

Whether exhibited on vans, embroidered on workwear, placed in a prominent position on showroom signage, trade counter or printed on paperwork and brochures, increasing the visibility of the logo and consumer understanding of everything this represents is one of the Institute’s main aims for 2018.

A badge of honour and professionalism
The good news is that membership of the CIPHE is on the increase, with more installers, manufacturers, colleges, apprentices and merchants coming on board.

Thanks to continuous investment from the Institute in technical support, training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) material, there’s no better time to join other like-minded professionals than now, for the following five reasons:

  1. The CIPHE is the only body that offers individual professional recognition for your plumbing and heating qualifications and experience, giving you recognised letters after your name
  2. The CIPHE holds the Register of Plumbers (RP) and the Register of Heating Professionals (RHP) – both of which are only accessible by qualified and experienced professionals
  3. The CIPHE is the body that promotes individual professionalism in the fight against the amateur cowboys
  4. The CIPHE influences Government, Industry and the public drawing from the technical expertise of the sector’s Plumbing and Heating professionals, just like you
  5. The CIPHE supports professional members through association with the best technical expertise in the industry

From the point of view of personal gain, belonging to a chartered body brings acknowledgement of individual commitment to qualifications and professional development. When explained properly, highlighting CIPHE membership and what this means for the customer is a great selling point.

Not only does the Institute check each and every individual before they are accepted, it is easy for the public to check their chosen installer is a true professional capable of doing a first-class job too – simply by visiting the CIPHE website to search the database of registered professionals. So, if you’re proud to be a professional and even prouder to prove it, displaying or wearing the CIPHE badge where it can be seen is a good place to start.

To enquire about becoming an industrial associate or individual member of the CIPHE, email Membership Director, Tim Sainty, at, visit or call on 01708 463102

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