AKW gets its products BIM-ready

AKW gets its products BIM-ready

A range of products from AKW are now building information modelling (BIM)-ready. This will enable the company to contribute towards more predictable, faster and less costly projects, and produce less waste.

Wendy Ryley, Group Product Director at AKW explained: “AKW is adding value by achieving BIM readiness for its extensive product range, with everything from shower trays to electric showers being covered. By using BIM, projects can be visualised early in the design process and designs can be modified before construction starts which saves time, effort and money.

“BIM also allows the project team effectively to ‘construct’ the project in a virtual environment, practicing complicated procedures, enhancing designs and scheduling the procurement of materials, equipment and manpower.”

BIM involves generating and managing digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of products. It is a collaborative process enabling design and construction teams, along with their clients, to share an approved digital model of the building during its development.

As well as offering enormous potential savings in time and costs, BIM also limits the need for alterations due to information loss.

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