Space-saving shower solutions

Space-saving shower solutions

Whether you are facing a new build home with small rooms, or an older property with awkward and tricky angles, fitting a new shower in a tight space can be a challenge. PHPI speaks to Chris Tranter, Senior Product Manager at Bristan, to discuss space saving solutions.

Understand the size of the space
Although this step may seem obvious, it’s certainly easy to overlook. A great starting point for any plumber or installer starting a job is to take a step back, and really understand the size of the space they’re working with. For example, if a small bathroom is being renovated, installing a large, space consuming shower bar at the beginning of the job will make it difficult to manoeuvre around – being aware of these complications can help prevent them. In many cases, specific products that can help save space during the projects, such as the Wallmount 12 bar shower fixing kit can prove very helpful in navigating these small spaces.

The design of this fixing means the bar doesn’t have to be fitted until a later stage of the installation, so there won’t be any bars or showers getting in the way, also reducing the risk of damaging the bar shower. Wallmount 12 sits in front of the tiling on the pipework, which is great for renovation projects, while if you’re installing where new tiling is required, Wallmount 11 can sit behind the tiles to give a guaranteed 150mm to help on installations.

Make the most of already-existing pipework
If you are renovating a small bathroom, rather than a new build, the existing shower and pipework can pose a problem. When you are taking stock of the job at hand to understand the size of the space, it can prove helpful to be open-minded about how to make the most of already-existing pipework, which may save you time and unnecessary legwork during renovation.

Bristan Mini Valves are a useful solution, especially in older properties. The valves can be easily installed on already-existing pipework and are able to replace any exposed mixer shower, no matter the brand, age or dimensions of the inlet centres, due to the flexibility of the elbows straight out of the box. They range from 110 to 155mm, so no extra parts are required. This also limits any tiling or changes to existing pipework. They are small and neat in design, so they can be used in smaller showering areas.

If your product has very slim wall cavities, Bristan’s recessed ‘dual control’ showers use a unique valve platform to aid installation, while most recessed showers are also fully serviceable from the front.

Don’t forget the customer
The final tip is to remain customer focused. Of course, it is easy to concentrate on the logistical challenges of installing a shower in a small or tricky space, but at the end of the day, it is still important to please the customer. For example, there are currently five Wallmount 12 bar showers; nine Mini Valves; and 19 Concealed Valves, which should be enough to suit a variety of client needs. Every customer will have different requests, from aesthetic desires to accessibility requirements, so it’s best to keep them in mind every step of the way.

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