CIPHE develops resources to help installers assist homeowners with household bills 

CIPHE develops resources to help installers assist homeowners with household bills 

The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) has announced plans to develop educational maths resources to equip professionals and apprentices with clearer knowledge of household utility bills including energy and water. 

Working with colleges and approved training centres across the UK, the resources will involve applying a range of calculations to manage water and energy usage, with the aim of achieving financial savings for system users.  

Educational establishments across the south of England invited the CIPHE to collaborate on their maths curriculum to provide practical skills that learners can use in a plumbing or heating career. 

CIPHE’s upcoming project was introduced following the launch of the government’s £560 million Multiply programme in Spring 2022, which set out to improve numeracy skills. 

Jerry Whiteley, Technical Manager at the CIPHE said, “In a plumbing and heating capacity, identifying ways to help individuals attain real world skills is something we’re extremely passionate about. The goal through our project is to increase the confidence of qualified engineers and to make the journey for industry newcomers that bit easier.  

“Currently we’re exploring ways to establish the volume of energy and water used through different household activities, but this is likely to evolve and expand further as we continue. By working with colleges, local authorities and curriculum leads we’ll be able to ensure the educational content meets the needs of all involved.” 

Resources are being developed in two parts. Training resources are in the works for those already qualified, while the curriculum at colleges is being reviewed for those entering the industry. 

“We’ve long championed quality training for all in the trade. Whether you’re an apprentice just starting out or you’ve been a plumber for 20 years, it’s important to be competent so you can provide customers with good service. As custodians of public safety, plumbing and heating engineers have a valuable role to play, not just in installing and maintaining an appliance or system but in providing customers with quality work backed by sound knowledge.” 

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