Intergas featured in Which? Magazine

Intergas featured in Which? Magazine

Intergas may be a relatively small company in the UK, but it’s certainly punching above its weight, as it has been recommended by Which? Magazine.

It’s the first time the magazine has reported on the brand and based its recommendation after 10,859 Which? members, 601 members of the public and 179 Which? Trusted Traders heating engineers were surveyed. The article went on to describe Intergas boilers as reliable, well-liked by owners and eye-catching for heating engineers. It’s one of only five brands considered to have good build quality, and it scored a top five-star rating for ease of servicing.

The key reason Intergas performed so well is said to be because of its design which has reliability built in. Thanks to its two-in-one heat exchanger, there is no need for a diverter valve, secondary hot water plate heat exchanger, valve motor or auto air vent – all sources of possible breakdown. The fact that there are only four moving parts in the boiler, 12 components in total, reinforces its reliability.

Longevity is assured too as the company refuses to cut costs by using inferior materials, and only uses plastic for the pressure sensor, ignition model and internal flue – whilst the heat exchanger is made of aluminium and copper, the casing is made of steel and everything else is made of aluminium.

Flexibility also plays its part and all boilers in the range can be converted to heat only, sealed system, open vent, open vent combi and a multipoint water heater – resulting in five products from one boiler. It can be configured to work with wired and wireless systems, analogue and digital and, due to the design of the heat exchanger, which means direct hot water is served by a separate circuit in the boiler, the home will still have hot water even if the pump fails. Indeed, the exchanger was launched over 20 years ago and has still not had a mechanical failure according to the company.

It launched its first smart boiler, the ECO RF, two years ago. Its remote management software enables the boiler to communicate directly with the installer or maintenance contractor, giving them the ability to prevent a potential problem, carry out more predictive servicing and achieve more first-time fixes.

The company has recently introduced the Intouch phone app, which means all the information an installer needs will, literally, be in their hands. Intouch is good news for homeowners too; with their free Intouch app they can turn their smartphone into a smart thermostat.

Speaking about the report, Stephen Zouch, Intergas Managing Director, said: We are delighted that the brand has been recognised by such a highly respected and wholly independent organisation. Intergas is already a leading brand in the Netherlands and our business is growing fast in the UK due, in the main, to our satisfied customers in social housing and housing associations. We believe that this report will bring our range of boilers to the attention of the wider public so that they too can enjoy the joint benefits of outstanding energy efficiency and reliability.”

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