Vokèra launches QR support

Vokèra launches QR support

Vokèra is giving installers access to all the product information they need by including a ‘QR code’ label on the outer casing of all of its boilers. This allows installers to scan the appliance via a mobile device and access all the technical documentation such as the installation and servicing instructions, spare parts exploded view and the ErP energy rating label.

With the aid of a QR or barcode app on a smartphone or tablet, installation and repairs to Vokèra appliances will be easier and quicker than ever before. Alternatively, installers can also enter the product code or name on a PC via the new Vokèra QR code portal to attain the available information. This paperless approach means installers can access information wherever they are, whenever they need it.

When commenting on the update to its documentation access, Marketing Director Neil Mattock, said “We’re very pleased to be launching this new service as it allows us to help installers in a way that benefits their working life and allows them to make quick decisions on site. We chose QR codes as they are simple to use and update, ensuring installers have all the latest technical information at their fingertips.”

The focus for this upgrade has sprouted from the company’s customer care philosophy – to impact its installer’s everyday jobs positively and simply. Documents on all Vokèra boilers are already available and will be amended whenever a new appliance arrives or modifications take place in the future. Even older, obsolete appliances will be included in the documentation provided – allowing installers to find relevant material for boilers that are no longer on sale. This improvement will be rolling out effective immediately to all new appliances fitted, so installers will have access to this service right away.

The Vokèra QR code portal can be accessed directly at

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