Gaia warms up Berkeley’s Woodhurst Park

Gaia warms up Berkeley’s Woodhurst Park

Berkeley Homes is now employing an underfloor heating system from Gaia across its Woodhurst Park development of 750 homes at Warfield in Berkshire.

Set in a country park environment of some 65 acres of landscaped open space, the homes have a luxury specification. The underfloor heating provides hidden added comfort and, by dispensing the need for radiators, Berkeley is able to free up wall space to create crisp, useable and appealing interiors.

As well as supplying all the necessary components of the underfloor heating systems, Gaia’s own specialist teams are undertaking the installation, testing and commissioning on site. The team works closely with Berkeley to ensure that the work is carried out to programme as the plots become available, usually working on three or four homes at any one time. Already, the first phase of the development is fully occupied.

Gas boilers are used at Woodhurst Park with the water flow in the underfloor heating system controlled by Gaia manifolds and thermal actuators. Digital controllers and thermostats also form part of the package. The wet underfloor heating system used is based on Gaia’s three-layer oxygen diffusion barrier pipe. Laid into screed, this comprises an EVOH oxygen barrier outer layer, a glue layer and PE-Xa inner layer. Easy to bend and secure into place, it is capable of accommodating temperatures of up to 80°C and 8 bar pressure.

Neville Golding, Operations Manager of Berkeley Homes (Oxford & Chiltern), comments: “We’ve used Gaia on several projects and they represent a good balance of price, quality and reliability. Having the specialist installation team undertake all the work associated with the underfloor heating is a good way of working. We’re very happy with all Gaia has done; they’ve delivered on time and to an excellent standard, so no complaints at all.”

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