Heatrae Sadia welcomes new environmental research

Heatrae Sadia welcomes new environmental research

Heatrae Sadia has voiced its support for a recent survey which reveals the environmental impact of choosing bottled water over tap.

Figures from Keep Britain Tidy suggest that the UK consumes more than 7.7billion bottles of drinking water each year, resulting in serious environmental consequences. In fact, only a third of all plastic packaging across the country is recycled, with the rest sent straight to landfill sites.

Whilst many bottled water brands claim to be sourced from mountain ranges, around 25 per cent of bottled water, despite its elaborate packaging, actually comes straight from the mains water supply. What’s more, bottled water in general could be actively unhealthy, with a 2006 study finding that plastic bottles leak certain harmful chemicals into contained water over time, which can lead to physical symptoms such as nausea and dizziness.

In commercial premises, there are many good alternatives to bottled water, which provide the same level of convenient hydration without the plastic packaging as a by-product.

Many organisations now opt for water chillers as a practical and efficient way of providing a reliable source of drinking water. Fed from the mains, they are hygienic and help to maintain a consistent temperature for a refreshing drink every time, plastic free.

Richard Newman, Senior Product Manager at Heatrae Sadia, commented: “This news comes as no surprise to those of us in the industry, as the environmental implications of plastic packaging, and the potential hazards of plastic as a water container are well understood. However, research such as this is vital to highlight these concerns to the public, who may not be aware of the repercussions of the trend for drinking bottled water.

“Water chillers are easy to use, efficient, and avoid unnecessary packaging, and by specifying them for commercial premises, bottled water consumption can be reduced without impacting on occupant experience. At Heatrae Sadia, we offer a number of popular solutions such as SuperChill and Aquatap, which offer quick and easy refreshment with no wasteful packaging.”

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