Smith’s adds air curtains to its range

Smith’s adds air curtains to its range

Smith’s Environmental Products UK (SEP) is pleased to announce the introduction of air curtains to its commercial product portfolio.

As part of its expansion plans, under the Swan Group, the addition of air curtains has enabled Smith’s to further enhance its diverse commercial product offering. Smith’s electric and water air curtains significantly reduce the loss of energy used for the heating or cooling of a building while acting as a barrier to dust, insects and odours.

The Smith’s air curtain range is said to offer a product to suit any application from small retail outlets to shopping centres, sports facilities, production premises and warehouses. The range features Stella, S2 and PS air curtains. The Stella and S2 are both functional and stylish, available in attractive metallic finishes, making them ideal for commercial offices, hotel lobbies, atrium areas and showrooms. While the PS Series of industrial air curtains deliver high-efficiency outputs for larger areas.

Stella series interior air curtains
Stella air curtains offer a solution to separating climate zones within different temperatures by creating strong air flow in the vicinity of open doors and gates. An attractive addition to any modern interior, Stella air curtains have a stylish stainless steel body and are available in silver and gold mirror and brushed stainless steel finishes.

S2/ S2 metallic series electric air curtains
Smith’s S2 and S2 metallic series of electric air curtains are ideal for smaller commercial spaces such as pavilions, small retail outlets, mini markets and pick-up windows. These stylish units deliver energy efficient and quiet protection against cold air from outside. In the summer, they can also be operated without heating to protect against outside heat, dust and insects.

PS series and PS (W) air curtains
The PS series are high performance, high efficiency air curtains for larger commercial spaces such as production premises, workshops, warehouses, logistics centres and sports facilities. These air and water (PSW) curtains can be mounted horizontally and vertically and feature two performance modes, 70% or 100% in order to best adapt their performance mode in accordance to the outside weather conditions. In the summer, these air curtains can be operated without heating to protect against outside heat, dust and insects.

Smith’s Managing Director, Gary Haynes comments, “Since our acquisition by the Swan Group, it has been our strategic intent to increase the Smith’s range of domestic and commercial heating solutions, providing greater choice for our customers and clients across the UK. The addition of air curtains to the Smith’s product range is an exciting move for us, broadening our offering to deliver an air curtain solution for a host of applications.”

Smith’s air curtains come with a free three year parts and labour guarantee. For specialist projects, the Smith’s technical sales team are available to offer free, no-obligation advice on the best solution for your premises and can advise on which air curtain product best suits your requirements. Smith’s EP UK prides itself on its ability to deliver bespoke commercial heating and cooling solutions for more individual requirements.

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