Lyric T6 from Honeywell gets smarter

Lyric T6 from Honeywell gets smarter

As the demand for digital assistants in the home continues to increase, Honeywell has added Google Home to its list of compatible smart home systems.

According to a survey by E.ON, a third of people plan to introduce more smart technologies into their homes, with a fifth (20%) desiring a voice controlled smart hub. To cater to this growing demand, Honeywell has launched the ‘Works With Honeywell’ initiative to widen the compatibility of its thermostat range with the most popular smart home products and services.

The Lyric T6 and T6R connected thermostats can now be controlled centrally via the Google Home system, as well as the Amazon Echo, IFTTT and Apple HomeKit. Google Home compatibility for the evohome Smart Zoning thermostat and the Single Zone Thermostat are also in the pipeline.

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant which adds voice control functionality to many smart connected products around the home. Using voice commands, householders can decrease or increase the set point temperature of their Lyric T6 and query the device to find out what the indoor temperature and set point currently is. Users can also continue to control the Lyric T6 via their smart phone or tablet or directly using the thermostat.

Andy Mansfield, Marketing Communications Manager at Honeywell explained: “Our Google Home integration provides another way to bring smart technology into consumer’s homes and, most importantly, gives installers more appealing ways to upsell to them. These type of home hubs have become very popular in the last few months and they offer another reason for installers to mention the Lyric T6 thermostat to their customers. At Honeywell we continue to put our customers first and ensure that our products provide the functionality for both installers and householders that modern products demand.

“Installers can be confident in recommending a connected Honeywell heating control to homeowners who are looking for a thermostat which will integrate seamlessly with their automation system – whether they have one now or will purchase one in the future.”

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