Sentinel | Sumo water softener

Sentinel | Sumo water softener

Sentinel has unveiled its first water softener, the high-efficiency, non-electric Sumo unit.

Having successfully sold the Sumo in France, the company has now made the product available to UK customers, allowing access to the benefits and advantages that the Sumo’s technology offers. Installers have an easy fit and great performance to rely upon, whilst homeowners who suffer from hard water issues have a compact unit with low running costs to keep problems at bay.

The technology employed by Sumo is in keeping with Sentinel’s focus on energy efficient products; using metered softening and regeneration, therefore using less salt and water, saving costs on salt consumption and increasing efficiency.

Further cost saving is found as Sumo is non-electric, requiring no power source.

Regeneration is carried out in 11 minutes, minimising down time, and the bypass function allows for simple installation and maintenance. Fitting is made easier due to the compact size of the unit.

Sumo is WRAS-approved, meeting the standards for drinking water set out by water regulations in the UK.

65% of the UK is affected by hard water issues, with tell-tale signs of including frequent breakdown of equipment that heats water, boilers that are noisy when firing, poor water pressure, and crusty build-up around fixtures and fittings.

“The launch of a water softener in the UK is an exciting step for us,” says UK Commercial Director Dan Wilson. ‘We can offer a complete range of water treatment solutions, domestic and commercial; from conditioning to softening of hot water systems; complementing our additive and filter range for heating systems.”

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