Salamander Pumps unveils new Water Conditioners accessory range  

Salamander Pumps unveils new Water Conditioners accessory range  

Salamander Pumps, a leading manufacturer of water boosting solutions, has expanded its accessory line with the launch of three new water conditioners. 

Designed to efficiently treat hard water throughout the entire household the water conditioners have been developed to limit scale build up and prolong the life of water using applications and heating systems. 

Operating without the need of a power supply, Salamander Pumps’ new water conditioners offer a solution to hard water issues as they provide options for whole house and single outlet water supply treatment.  

Notably, the water conditioners do not use chemicals or salt in their operation. Meanwhile, the inline design facilitates easy installation. 

With a warranty duration of 10 years, the conditioners guarantee a long-term performance, ensuring compliance with Part L Building Regulations and reinforcing their reliability in delivering safe and treated water. 

Richard Ballard, Product Manager at Salamander Pumps said: “With a focus on efficiency, sustainability, and cost savings, we believe our customers will experience the transformative benefits of utilising our water conditioners to reduce the impact of hard water in the home. 

“Scale is not only unsightly, but it can lead to rises in energy consumption, as well as increased running and maintenance costs. Ensuring the longevity of household appliances and the overall well-being of water systems will reduce energy costs and the need to replace fixtures within the home. 

“As a company, we are committed to innovation and creating products to not only benefit our customers, but also create products that our team can be proud of. Our water conditioners are a testament to that. Almost 80% of homes in the UK have hard water, we aim to help these homeowners with a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, and effective solution to hard water. 

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