Modutherm’s new AWC/AWST monobloc heat pumps 

Modutherm’s new AWC/AWST monobloc heat pumps 

The new AWC/AWST Monobloc from Modutherm is a range of air source heat pumps suitable for heating, cooling and domestic hot water. AWC Monobloc is available in five models, boasting a heating capacity range of 6kW to 19kW, while AWST is available in four models, with a heating capacity range of 6kW to 15kW, and is paired with a 250-litre stainless steel DHW cylinder. The AWC/AWST Monobloc range also has an A++/A+++ energy rating. 

The AWC/AWST Monobloc is designed for both new-build installations and refurbishment projects, where it can replace or supplement an existing heat source, typically reducing energy consumption by 60-80%. The indoor unit features a modern design, while all connections are accessible at the top of the product. 

The AWC Monobloc uses a heat curve to provide a constant indoor temperature, regardless of how hot or cold it is outdoors. When the external temperature drops, the heat pump then raises the temperature of the water to the heating system (and vice versa when it gets warmer outside). The unit can set two heat curves for two different heating circuits in a home, allowing it to run both underfloor heating and radiators.  

The outdoor unit also has an automatic and self-learning defrost function which, when combined with the nano-coated evaporator, minimises defrosting time and increases efficiency.  

For applications that require heating and cooling only, or where an alternative cylinder is required, the AWC is paired with an indoor control box. For AWST systems, there is an integrated controller on the DHW cylinder. Both can be controlled locally with the touchscreen display, or remotely via a smartphone or computer.  

Commenting on the range, Ian Bradley, Managing Director of Modutherm said: “By using high-tech components and smart controls, the AWC/AWST Monobloc heat pumps offer great energy savings. All units are easy to install and produce low noise levels when operating, in addition to excelling in terms of increased comfort and energy efficiency. They are a truly sustainable means of providing outstanding levels of heating, cooling and hot water.” 

Available accessories include a heat pump stand and drain pan kit. All AWC/AWST Monobloc heat pumps come with a 5-year compressor warranty, as well as a 3-year parts guarantee.  

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