Intergas launches Xtend Hybrid Monobloc 

Intergas launches Xtend Hybrid Monobloc 

Intergas Heating Solutions has introduced the Xtend Hybrid Monobloc heating solution. Building on its Xtend Split Hybrid, the solution merges the efficiency of a heat pump with the reliability of a traditional boiler providing homeowners with a sustainable and efficient method to heat their homes and water. 

The company says that the Xtend Hybrid has been designed to address the challenges presented by the UK’s diverse range of home insulations: while heat pumps offer an eco-friendly heating solution, they can struggle to meet the demands of less insulated properties, particularly during the colder months.  

The Xtend Hybrid bridges this gap by utilising a high-efficiency boiler to assist the heat pump, ensuring homeowners enjoy uninterrupted comfort and hot water supply throughout the year. 

Energy Efficiency
The Xtend Hybrid system optimises energy use by seamlessly switching between the heat pump and the boiler, depending on the temperature and insulation level of the property, ensuring comfort levels are maintained and the most energy-efficient combination of appliances are used. The company says that this not only reduces the environmental impact but also significantly lowers energy bills, cutting gas consumption by up to 82.5%. 

Intergas says that the Xtend Hybrid system is not just an advancement in heating technology; it’s a commitment to sustainable living and energy efficiency. It says, “Homeowners will benefit from lower energy costs and the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are contributing to a greener planet. Installers will appreciate the ease of installation and the support provided by Intergas Heating, making the switch to hybrid heating systems simpler than ever.” 

The Xtend system, featuring a boiler, an indoor unit, and a 5kW outdoor unit (ASHP), can be installed as a completely new installation with a combi or system boiler or retrofitted to an existing ErP combi or system boiler.  

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