Intergas | System Filter and Chemical Pack

Intergas | System Filter and Chemical Pack

The Intergas System Filter, made in collaboration with Fernox, has now been paired with a new chemical pack. The Intergas System Filter and Chemical Pack is described as a dynamic duo, with everything an installer needs to protect the whole heating system when installing a new boiler. The pack comprises the system filter and a bottle of Fernox F1 Inhibitor and a bottle of Fernox F3 Cleaner; their handy 265ml size means the contents fit exactly into the filter’s chamber, so there are no wasted chemicals – you use exactly what’s needed. A single dose of the F3 265ml Cleaner will treat an average domestic heating system of 100 litres, up to 12 radiators or 190 sqm of underfloor heating, as will a single dose of the F1 Inhibitor.

Intergas’s rationale for developing the pack for installers is to make it even easier to comply with the Manufacturer’s Warranty and BS 7593:2019. But it also wants to promote the use of the best quality products to protect and maintain its boilers, which is why it has partnered with Fernox to develop the System Filter and Chemical Pack, as it did last year in the production of its System Filter. According to Fernox,  a gas saving of up to 15% will be made every time a room is heated, providing the system has been cleaned with the F3 Cleaner and proctected by the F1 Inhibitor.

Intergas says that a high proportion of boilers that fail in the first year do so because of poor water quality. By initially chemically cleaning, flushing and treating the system and introducing regular testing and re-dosing, the efficiency and life expectancy of most domestic central heating systems can be significantly improved. The new pack from Intergas makes the process hassle-free and, whether the filter is bought as part of the Intergas System Filter and Chemical Pack or on its own, two more years will be added to the boiler’s warranty. To be eligible, installers must fit the filter and boiler on the same date, in line with the Manufacturer’s Instructions, and with both warranties registered with Intergas at the same time.

The System Filter includes a 22mm spigot isolation valve (for the bottom connection) and Fernox’s Hydronic Particle Separation with magnetic filtration, which removes magnetic and non-magnetic system debris. When it comes to cleaning, there’s no need to dismantle the filter and, thanks to its encapsulated body, the whole process is fast and easy; there’s no top seal either, so no leaks.

The TF1 Omega flushing adapter, which is available separately, makes it easier to flush and clean the entire system from the filter point at full flow rate. The spigot valve works in conjunction with the boiler return valve to isolate the filter or, using just the spigot valve and boiler flow valve, you can easily drain the boiler down via the filter’s flushing/draining valve. The system filter is easy to install on horizontal or vertical pipework and comes with a 15-year warranty. Made entirely from metal, it’s also 100% recyclable.

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