Ideal Heating | Halo wireless room stats

Ideal Heating | Halo wireless room stats

Ideal Heating has launched a new wireless programmable room thermostat range that aims to combine stylish design and ease of use with a straightforward installation process.

As the latest development in Ideal Heating’s commitment to complete home comfort, the Halo Combi RF and Halo Combi Wi-Fi are compatible with Ideal Logic and Vogue combi boilers, and can be set up and running in minutes.

Inside the box is the Halo unit and the Smart Interface it communicates with, which slots into the aperture on the front of the boiler with no need for wiring. The Halo Combi Wi-Fi connects easily to the home Wi-Fi network through the Halo app with no need for an additional gateway.

Both the Halo Combi RF and Halo Combi Wi-Fi provide time and temperature control, and enhanced load compensation as standard – an easy way to comply with Boiler Plus when installing a replacement combi boiler. The Halo combi Wi-Fi also fulfils the criteria for a smart control with automation and optimisation.

Lizzie Wilkinson, Head of Domestic Product Management at Ideal Heating, said: “We already know that our Logic and Vogue combi boilers are popular with consumers and installers for their ease of install, reliability, quality and value – and the Halo will truly take their experience to the next level.

“After a simple ‘plug, pair and play’ install sequence, households can enjoy more flexibility and control over their home heating – delivering comfort and energy efficiency. We’ve also carried out user testing on the interface and screen, to ensure the Halo is as easy as possible for consumers to use.”

The Halo has a mirrored finish and a dial and button interface. The unit is powered by four AA batteries and can be wall or desk-mounted.

The thermostat features a large, clear colour screen that displays the actual and target temperatures, either side of a coloured temperature gauge. Any boiler faults are also reported on the screen, and the user is given clear information in plain English. A two-year warranty is included as standard.

Up to six heating periods can be programmed throughout the day, and users can vary the schedule from one day to the next. Additional features include child lock, holiday mode and frost protection.

The Halo Combi Wi-Fi also comes with internet connectivity and app-controlled heating, enabling users to control their heating on the go via a Google Home or Amazon Alexa smart home assistant, or simply by their whereabouts via the Geolocation feature on the Halo app.

Geolocation uses the location of users’ mobile phones to determine whether anyone from the household is inside a pre-set ‘home’ boundary, and automatically turns the heating off to save energy when everyone is out – as well as turning it on when they’re on their way back home.

Lizzie Wilkinson added: “Over the past 100 years, Ideal Heating has earned a reputation for reliability and innovation. In recent years, we have built on this with the formation of a dedicated Internet of Things team, which specialises in developing products at the forefront of heating control technology.

“The Halo Combi RF and Halo Combi Wi-Fi mark the culmination of this work, and we’re proud to bring an intelligently-designed product to market that makes life easy for both installers and consumers.”

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