Elco takes to the London skyline for special event

Elco takes to the London skyline for special event

Elco Heating Solutions has taken building services engineers to the 39th and 40th floors of The Gherkin to demonstrate the latest heating technology from the company.

The special ‘Insights’ event was arranged for a select group of London-based consultants in order to provide a unique view of the commercial heating industry, as well as the latest advances in boiler technology, including Elco’s new Trigon XL floor standing commercial unit.

As part of the evening, guests were given an exclusive demonstration of the Trigon XL’s modular concept, which consisted of engineers dismantling a complete boiler into its component parts, taking them up a flight of stairs and reassembling them – all within an hour. This concept is a key feature of the boiler, allowing it to be installed in a wide variety of applications, including roof top plant rooms and buildings with restricted access.

Commenting on the evening, Ian Bradley, Managing Director for Elco Heating Solutions, said: “This event has been a great opportunity to speak to customers about key changes in our industry. We wanted to demonstrate how commercial heating systems are changing, while highlighting the latest advances in boiler technology. Overall, we want to help building services engineers achieve the ever tightening standards of modern buildings and be confident that a complex system, including the boiler plant, will deliver high efficiencies and low running costs for its entire lifetime.

“As a company, we see the Trigon XL as the future of boiler construction, with its whole design centred on low NOx, low CO, high efficiencies and low lifetime running costs. From the feedback we received during the evening, the design certainly impressed many guests, with its modular construction a superb selling point.”

Available in seven different models with outputs from 150-570kW, the range is said to offer a wealth of benefits, including ultra-low NOx emissions complying with class 6 (2018) requirements, an 8 bar working pressure, 30k flow/return temperature differential, superb seasonal efficiencies and an ultra- compact footprint.

The boiler’s low NOx emissions are achieved by utilising a commercially proven premix-burner system, which includes a fully modulating, water cooled cold flame burner. This is combined with an optimised combustion system and stainless steel heat exchanger to provide a reliable and robust lifetime performance – while also offering gross seasonal efficiencies up to 97.5%.

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