Continal Underfloor Heating | DriDEK dry screed panel

Continal Underfloor Heating | DriDEK dry screed panel

If you’re looking for an alternative to wet screeds to overlay UFH systems, the DriDEK dry screed panel from Continal Underfloor Heating could be the answer.

DriDEK-20 is a  20mm-thick dry panel that offers extremely low thermal resistance when compared to common floor finishes used with UFH, such as chipboard and wet screeds. This means it will maximise the performance of any low-profile UFH system, ensuring efficient, comfortable heating throughout your customers’ homes.

The panels are easy to cut and install, and come with a tongue-and-groove edging to make installation quick and straightforward, saving significant time on site compared with liquid screed systems.

You can lay ceramic tiles directly over the panels, making them suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens, since the panels don’t contract or expand when exposed to water. They are also compatible with laminate, vinyl and carpet floor finishes for extra flexibility.

DriDEK-20 works well with a wide range of Continal’s UFH systems including the SlimFix, UltraSlim and OneBoard products.

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