Aqualla reinforces sustainability credentials with new brochure  

Aqualla reinforces sustainability credentials with new brochure  

The new brochure from brassware manufacturer Aqualla is centred around sustainability, emphasising key messages around water consumption in the UK and the growing importance of modern technology. 

The company says its latest collections consider environmental impact – all new basin mono’s, basin fillers and mixers are fitted with an integrated water saving device to help reduce water consumption.  

The company is now registered with the Unified Water Labelling Scheme, which is recognised across Europe as way to identify the efficiency of water-using products. Relevant products throughout the brochure feature a light or dark green droplet icon which reflects how they perform.   

The new products also come in fully recyclable outer packaging to ensure waste is kept to a minimum.  

The 2023 brochure will be available at the end of February and will include information on recent product launches, including Edge, Ivy, Avante and Hanna, alongside the flagship Kyole range.   

Steven Allaway, Managing Director at Aqualla, commented: “As a growing business, we are responsible for doing our part and taking sustainability seriously, especially as a supplier of water-delivering products. With Government predictions of major water shortages in the not-too-distant future, we have a significant role to play in helping our customers, consumers, and society manage that through products that use less water, without compromising on functionality.  

“We have now adopted sustainability as a core value across both our Aqualla and Adamsez brands, and our objective for 2023 will be to focus on this journey as we continue to develop initiatives through our products, processes and people.”  

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