Website review:

Website review:

With Gas Safety Week a month away, Stuart Duff takes a look at, the new Gas Safety Superheroes website.

Of course I’m not really reviewing a website but you’re here now so bear with me. This is much more about:

1) stating that the new Gas Safety Superheroes site is live; and

2) drawing attention to how much fantastic content there is for installers.

Point one: the new Gas Safety Superheroes site is live (as of August 14th) at And that’s pretty much that covered.

Point two: we’re a month away from Gas Safety Week, which quite rightly draws attention to issues which affect a huge number of people in the UK. The Gas Safety Superheroes played a significant role in helping to raise the profile of GSW 2016 and will no doubt do the same this year. They’ve also highlighted a point that bears repeating. Gas Safety is a concern, a priority and a passion for thousands of installers 52 weeks of the year.

The explanation of what the Gas Safety Superheroes concept is all about is best left to the team itself – Charlotte Taylor and Paul Hull.

Although there are many problems that face the industry, the real issue is that each problem is currently being viewed and solved in isolation. This approach tends to simply create more challenges, disbanding the industry, making it almost impossible to move forward.

In the Gas Safety Superheroes, we aim to connect the problems in the industry, understanding how they link together and influence one another whilst creating solutions that contribute to all of these problems and ultimately moving the industry forward.

At the heart of these solutions is consumer education and engineer empowerment, allowing for better businesses, improved working standards and safer outcomes.
Charlotte Taylor


After 30 years in the plumbing and heating industry, I am passionately committed to leaving it in a better state that I found it in. I have a real interest in improving working practices, opportunities for engineers and standards of training in our industry.

The Gas Safety Superheroes is a campaign we initially created in GSW16 to help raise consumer awareness whilst inspiring and empowering engineers, merchants and manufacturers to drive positive change. Our four campaigns, which include ‘Regard the Card’, tackling training and improving apprenticeships, have continued to create traction and are now supported by an innovative business model that will not only fund our campaigning but also add value to engineers, merchants and manufacturers alike.

We don’t claim to have all the answers, nor do we plan to improve our industry alone, so we hope you can join us and play a role in educating consumers, empowering engineers and improving our great industry.
Paul Hull

The Gas Safety Superheroes also has a group of ambassadors up and down the country:

The ambassadors
Ryan Mills
Chris Pringle
Laurie Irving
Ben Smailes
Peter Brown
Michael Boaden

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