Plug N Glow with Advance Appliances

Plug N Glow with Advance Appliances

Plug N Glow is a mini stainless steel electric flow boiler, manufactured by Advance Appliances.

The company has recently made a short two minute video showcasing and explaining the unit in more detail, which can be found on Advance Appliances’ website on the Plug N Glow page.

The unit has a 2.7kW output and a 13 amp plug fitted that can be plugged into a household socket. Measuring only 120mm x 195mm, it is compacy, whilst it can be used in a sealed or a vented system, providing heating in a space up to 20m2.

Temperature can be adjusted from 30 to 80 degrees on the front of the case by a calibrated dial or it can be controlled by an off board thermostat. The Plug N Glow can be programed up to 20 times a day seven days a week.

In addition, a pump can be wired in to the unit, which will then turn on when there is a higher demand on the unit.

The product is CE marked, rated up to 3 bar and has a two year guarantee.

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