Volkswagen Crafter goes on tour

Volkswagen Crafter goes on tour

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is sending the new Crafter on a trip across Europe: four months, 42,000 kilometres, 30 countries, non-stop through a huge range of different road conditions and climate zones.

The aim: to find extraordinary craftsmen in each and every country and discover what drives them on to find perfection.

The new Crafter has been tailored to the needs and requirements of diverse user groups like never before. This has resulted in a commercial vehicle that is said to be more practical and cost-efficient than ever – and thus equal to all the challenges of everyday life in the manual trades.

Carsten Sass, Head of Sales in Germany, said: “We developed the new Crafter in close collaboration with its target groups and paid particular attention to quality. Our aim now with Crafter2Craftsmen is to show how reliable the vehicle is and that it fits in perfectly into the operations of even the most out-of-the-ordinary craftsman.”

The tour, called ‘Crafter2Craftsmen’, starts in Hannover, the headquarters of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand. From here it’s off to the Hannover coffee-making business of Andreas Berndt, who roasts single-origin coffee and coffee blends, paying special attention to careful processing.

The next two stops for the vehicle will be France and Spain. From there it’s on to find some of the most passionate and unorthodox craftsmen in Europe, Morocco and Iceland. A bagpipe maker in Scotland, windmill restorer in the Netherlands, the Royal Danish flower supplier or a blacksmith making axes in Sweden: what unites them all is a passion for perfection. And over the coming months, the new Crafter – covering a distance approximately equivalent to the Earth’s circumference – will be going through this quality check from the outset.

The entire journey can be followed via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter and on a microsite:

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