Stelrad adds product videos to YouTube channel

Stelrad adds product videos to YouTube channel

A number of new short videos covering the Stelrad radiator range have been added to its YouTube channel. The latest additions feature four of its new towel rail products and the latest release – its new range of Cast Iron radiators. The new products featured include the Lecco, the Como, the Concord Side Concept and the Concord Side Chrome.

“It’s great to be able to show customers the radiator options available in a brochure but even better for some to be able to show the options on a smart phone or tablet by heading for the YouTube channel,” says Stelrad’s Marketing Communications Manager, Sarah Baker. “The short videos show the radiators both as cut outs from different angles and in situ, in an installation, to give you an idea of how the radiator looks in a home environment.”

There are more than 100 short videos on the Stelrad YouTube channel – mainly illustrating products available but equally a number of instructional videos showing you how to install certain radiators along with more general interest videos highlighting Stelrad’s history since 1936.

“It’s a new value-added addition to Stelrad installers’ armoury making it simple to show customers the options and to help the installers make decisions on which radiators to recommend to their clients. It’s a library of information that is growing all the time as we add more information to help installers and specifiers choose the right radiators for each job,” continues Sarah Baker. “In addition, installers can go to, call for information on 0800 876 6813 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, they can also see regular updates from Stelrad on Twitter and Facebook.”

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