WATCH: TikTok DIY hacks… what the professionals think

WATCH: TikTok DIY hacks… what the professionals think

Toolstation spoke to over 100 trade professionals to get their opinions on the most popular DIY hacks on TikTok.

Whether homeowners are looking to save money or time, TikTok can be a great place for DIY hacks. But the danger with this is that they’re not always done by professionals and their advice might not always be given with longevity in mind.

Toolstation has taken some of the most viral TikTok hacks and surveyed a trusty panel of experts to find out which TikTok hacks are worth a try, and which should be avoided. Toolstation also asked the professionals to provide commentary and alternate advice on the videos.

The five trends to avoid
These are the five worst TikToks from the study with the percentage of professionals NOT recommending them.

Water Leak

@twinhomeexperts Néw innovation in permanently fixing underground water leaks without DEMOLITION! #leaks #plumbinghacks #twinhomeexperts #plumbing #hack ♬ TOES – DuWayne Phinisey

This video suggests placing an epoxy ball into a pipe to stop a water leak.

Expert verdict: 87% do not recommend

What the professionals say
“Can of worms comes to mind.”

“I feel that will not work and for the UK you will be contaminating the water supply as you have introduced a foreign body into the water supply.  I think you would need to re-check your Water Regulations.”

“[A] video from the USA, maybe what he’s using is easily available over there. I’m not sure I would risk trying this on a customer’s property, I would cut out the leaking pipe and replace it.”

Rental Wallpaper

@kaytuc no such thing as too many florals 🌸 #diy #wallpaper #homehack #renterfriendly ♬ original sound – katie

Expert verdict: 82% do not recommend

Honey Sander

@tmbrman Honey Trick #fyp #fypシ #foryou #foryour #foryourpage #tips #trick #carpentry #hack #hacks ♬ original sound – Nate Halverson

Expert verdict: 69% do not recommend

Shower Head Pressure

@damgoodbuildr Shower head pressure fix! #PerfectAsWeAre #foryoupage #fyp #lifehack #showerhead #showerpressure #diy #plumbing ♬ Twist and Shout – Twist and Shout

This video suggests removing a flow restrictor from a shower head. However, our experts advise that these restrictors are there for a reason, removing them could cause temperature issues and void any warranty on the part. Some of our experts even expressed the danger of this hack.

Expert verdict: 65% do not recommend

What the professionals say
“Hospital A&E departments are busy enough already.”

“Flow restrictors are in place for a reason, removal can cause temperature issues, especially in the case of combi boilers. I would say NEVER remove them unless the manufacturer clearly states they can be removed entirely. Most appliances call for a flow rated item to be fitted, different coloured ones indicate different flow rates and you should always adhere to manufacturer advice.”

“Unsafe drilling practice, plus voiding any warranty on the part.”

Kitchen Island

@diyonabudgetofficial DIY kitchen island IKEA hack! What do you think? 🤩 #ikeahack #ikeahacksdiy #kitchenislanddecor #learnontiktok ♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] – Elliot Van Coup

Expert verdict: 60% do not recommend

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