Safety and risk compliance information more accessible than ever

Safety and risk compliance information more accessible than ever

Crucial safety and risk compliance information is more accessible and cost effective than ever before for installers, says UKLPG.

Installers are now more easily able to gain crucial information on safety and risk compliance than ever before, thanks to increased accessibility offered by the Gas Safe Register’s Access to Standards membership scheme.

All Gas Safe registered businesses and installers must ensure they are up to date on technical and legislative changes. The UK Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association (UKLPG) has been working with BSI (British Standards Innovation) and IGEM (Institution of Gas Managers and Engineers) for the past five years to ensure Gas Safe Registered engineers are able to access information on the guidelines they must work towards to guarantee safety and competency.

This information is outlined within a series of documents known as Industry Standards. These comprise the latest technical and legislative information and enable installers to access over 80 essential Standards documents covering domestic, commercial and industrial usage for both LPG and natural gas. These include documents issued by UKLPG, BSI and IFEM, with new applicable Standards added as they are issued or updated.

Installers can access this information directly by joining the Access to Standards scheme. Designed to ensure that registered engineers can obtain the information they need for a cost effective fee, the scheme enables small engineering companies employing up to ten engineers to subscribe to a one or three-year package.

Copies of the standards are also hosted securely on the Gas Safe Register website to ease access for registered engineers.

Rob Shuttleworth, Chief Executive of UKLPG, comments: “Working with the BSI, IGEM and the Gas Safe Register to ensure our Industry Standards are both more accessible and cost effective for smaller engineering firms and installers has been a rewarding experience. We urge those who have not yet joined to sign up to ensure they remain up to date on, and compliant with, the latest guidelines on domestic, commercial and industrial use for both LP Gas and natural gas.”

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