REVEALED: The most popular songs among tradespeople

REVEALED: The most popular songs among tradespeople

IronmongeryDirect has analysed thousands of Spotify playlists containing trade-related words in their titles to identify the songs which appear the most frequently.

Aussie rockers AC/DC are the most popular artist and feature in trade playlists more than twice as often as any other singer or band. Three of the band’s hits feature in the top 10 tradey tunes, with Highway to Hell and Thunderstruck joining Back to Black on the list.

Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 single Dreams is the second most listened-to track, ahead of Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood.

Olivia Rodrigo, star of multiple Disney TV series, also makes the top ten with good 4 u, which recently topped the UK singles chart for five weeks in a row. Rodrigo is the third most popular artist, behind AC/DC and Lana Del Rey.

Another surprise inclusion is Harry Styles, formerly of One Direction. He is the fifth favourite artist among tradespeople, largely thanks to the popularity of his summer anthem Watermelon Sugar.

The top 10 most listened-to songs by UK tradespeople are:
1) Back in Black – AC/DC

2) Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

3) Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood

4) Africa – TOTO

5) Highway to Hell – AC/DC

6) Thunderstruck – AC/DC

7) PTT (Paint The Town) – LOONA

8) Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People

9) The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala

10) good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

The most popular song for each UK trade is:
Plumber: Highway to Hell – AC/DC

Builder: Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People

Electrician: Closer – The Chainsmokers

Joiner: Back in Black – AC/DC

Plasterer: Nimbasa CORE – plasterbrain

Painter/Decorator: PTT (Paint The Town) – LOONA

Landscaper: Avant Gardener – Courtney Barnett

Carpenter: Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

Bricklayer: Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt – DJ Shadow

Dominick Sandford, Director and Head of Merchandising & Marketing at IronmongeryDirect, said: “Music is a massive part of day-to-day life for tradespeople, whether they’re working on a construction site or in someone’s home, and it’s great to see that they have such varied taste!

“Whether you listen to Harry Styles or AC/DC, playing songs in the background can really help create a positive work environment so it should definitely be encouraged.”

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