REVEALED: The best glovebox snacks

REVEALED: The best glovebox snacks

Busy Brits on the road have been offered advice on the best snacks drivers can safely keep in their vehicles – and those that should always be taken out.

The motoring experts at have rounded up their favourite snacks that are safe to keep in cars or vans, because no one wants to come back to a stinky vehicle.

With fewer food options available for those on the road, people travelling for work are often left with a lack of snack choices to graze on.

Noodles, nuts and dried fruit can be left in vehicle glove compartments longer term without them ruining, but drivers should always take their tins, meal deals and fresh food out of the car.

A spokesperson from said: “Drivers can be sat behind the wheel for hours each day. Your sandwich might stop the hunger at lunchtime, but we know you’ll be rummaging for something to snack on later in the day.

“Putting a selection of tasty treats in your glovebox will save you some money and help you get through long days – but there are some choices that you should never leave in vehicles long term.

“While you may not need extra snacks on a day-to-day basis, you’ll be thankful the day that you do.

“Emergency food is beneficial on long road trips, when you’re stuck in traffic, or in the unfortunate event of getting stranded on the side of the road.”

Sweet treats
With our unpredictable British weather, you never know if you’ll get back to your wheels and have a melted chocolate bar or a rock solid one. Avoid this mishap by switching it up for a cereal bar – not only are they healthier but are great option because they won’t melt or change in texture, even with temperature changes.

Snacks in a cup
Noodles, soups and pastas that come in a cup or pot don’t offer much in terms of nutrients, but they are a tasty snack that can be stored for months without spoiling. Remember to bring along a mug and find some hot water. It will rival any supermarket pasta pot in terms of longevity and smell after a day or two.

Protein boost
No one wants spilt dairy on their dashboard, so it is a good idea to find your protein fix elsewhere. Switch up fridge kept foods that will go off quickly for a healthy seed or nut trail mix with dried fruit. They will last a long time and all the healthy fats will give you an energy boost.

Health fix
Fresh fruit in a vehicle for longer than a day is a no go. Avoid the possibility of flies with a healthy fruit-based bar. Even though these prepacked snacks have a shorter shelf life of around six months, they are an easy way to get one of your five a day.

Something more substantial
Sandwiches are a staple but when nothing else will satisfy, peanut butter and other long-lasting spreads are your go to. Avoid having canned or tinned food in the car, they can freeze causing the liquid to expand and break the seal, spoiling the food. Putting your favourite sweet or savoury spread on a rice cake or cracker is bound to banish the hunger.

To drink
Having a drink in the car is a necessity, but the chemicals found in plastic water bottles have been linked to contributing towards certain health conditions. Leaving a bottle out in the sun will cause it to heat up, potentially letting bacteria to develop and those chemicals to seep into the water. Finding a fresh source might not always be an option, so we recommend switching up your water supply daily.

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