Majority of installers are turning away work

Majority of installers are turning away work

In its third Annual Healthcheck of the UK’s contractors and tradespeople, ECIS (the employee benefits company for the construction industry) has found confidence amongst plumbers and H&V engineers at its highest level since the survey began – with 62% of respondents saying they feel confident about the year ahead. But behind this upbeat outlook is a workforce under strain, with 36% saying their business was under increased pressure to fulfil contracts.

Reflecting the increased demand for their skills, many plumbers and H&V engineers saw their work/life balance tip heavily towards work in 2015. The survey found that over a third regularly worked evenings and weekends in 2015, with 55% saying they had felt more pressure to do so in the last year.

Despite these longer hours, though, 73% had to turn work away – and 37% admitted to resorting to unskilled labour to help fulfil contracts.

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