Intergas introduces smart network of spares stockists

Intergas introduces smart network of spares stockists

Installers are now able to buy Intergas boiler spares from hundreds of merchants across England, Scotland and Wales. Intergas used the first lockdown as an opportunity to address the issue of spares shortages and has increased their availability, paying particular attention to areas where Intergas has been under-represented. But that’s not all, building a portfolio of stockists that only addresses the immediate need of supply and demand is short term, which is why Intergas has created an IT-led system that is resilient, flexible and responsive.

“It’s important that we have the spares our installers need, when and where they want them,” says Terri Hickman, marketing communications manager, Intergas Boilers. “But we need to learn from the transaction too. Analysis of the rate of sale of specific parts can help us rectify a product problem or stop another from developing, and this is what our smart system delivers.” There’s now a dedicated web page, highlighting the location of installers’ nearest Intergas spares stockists as well as boiler stockists, including the Rapid and Rapid Plus, which can be accessed at Wherever an installer is working, they will always be able to locate exactly what they need.

While the pandemic has undoubtedly had a detrimental effect on supply chains across the globe, shortages of specific Intergas parts pre-dated that period. The company acknowledges that delays have been frustrating for some installers, but that’s at an end. “No installer should have to wait to get the part they need, and we were aware that some were,” said Hickman. “Over the past few months, we’ve been talking to merchants across Great Britain to get their agreement to stock our spares and we’ve been delighted with the response.”

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