INDUSTRY COMMENT: Reaction to calls for free heat pumps

INDUSTRY COMMENT: Reaction to calls for free heat pumps

In light of calls for poorer households to be given free heat pumps, Nico van der Merwe, VP Home and Distribution UK&I, Schneider Electric, comments:

“Over the next decade, our homes are set to become the biggest consumers of electricity thanks to the electrification of heat and the move to electric vehicles. They represent one of the great opportunities in terms of energy management and sustainability.

“We need to start by digitally retrofitting our homes, so they are equipped to support the introduction of heat pumps, EV charging points, solar panels, battery storage and a bi-directional grid. We must understand that heat pumps are just one of the components our homes will need to become carbon neutral, and they alone will not help us meet our 2050 target. Homeowners will need the means to connect these technologies together, automate their management and work with the grid to balance supply and demand.

“Our research shows there is a strong appetite amongst consumers to create carbon neutral homes. Over half (55%) of UK homeowners say it’s important for their home to reach net zero emissions in their lifetime. However, it’s not as simple as replacing gas boilers with heat pumps. With domestic energy consumption expected to double in the coming years, it will be more important than ever that people can easily manage the efficiency of their homes, including energy consumption, production and storage. This is only possible through connected digital technology.”

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