Coastal development uses Polypipe heat recovery systems

Coastal development uses Polypipe heat recovery systems

Polypipe Ventilation’s award winning Silavent Green Line HRX Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems are being installed into a new housing development in Weymouth, Dorset.

The Pemberly site is being developed by family-owned property development company, F.H. Cummings. It consists of 176 homes, comprising houses, townhouses, apartments and bungalows in various sizes from one to four bedroom configurations.

Modern energy efficiency systems with superior insulation fabric are being incorporated into all the homes to provide low heating costs, including MVHR systems. The 106 houses in the development are all being fitted with the award winning Silavent Green Line HRX MVHR units, supported by Polypipe’s comprehensive range of market leading Domus rigid ducting.

MVHR systems are designed to provide filtered fresh and pre-warmed air to a property’s living areas, using the heat recovered from waste stale air extracted from the kitchen and bathroom. To achieve this, the HRX uses a highly efficient counter-flow heat exchanger, cleverly reducing the need for additional heating. It also prevents the build up of condensation and mould and improves indoor air quality by providing continuous balanced ventilation. Manufactured in the UK, the system is 2010 Building Regulations compliant and listed in the Product Characteristics Database (previously known as SAP Appendix Q).

Compact in size and light in weight (11.5kg), the HRX units are suitable for installation in a cupboard, utility room or loft space – in the case of Pemberly they have been located in the lofts. They come with user instructions mounted directly onto the front of the unit, so residents can easily understand how to operate and maintain the system.

The HRX range is designed with numerous innovative features to make installing and commissioning the units much easier and quicker than alternative models on the market. Such features include the wiring centre which is mounted externally, so that electrical connections and controls can be accessed for installation and commissioning without the unit being dismantled. This also prevents the internal electrics from being exposed to any moisture within the unit. In addition, all units in the range are ‘ambidextrous’ so that the appliances can be fitted to the left or right hand side of the property regardless of the location of the external walls, avoiding the need for complex ‘cross over’ duct runs.

At Pemberly, the HRX units efficiently drive the fresh filtered air around the properties through Domus rigid duct. Its exacting tolerances and wide range of accessories make for easy installation and unimpeded air flow. Domus rigid ducting is being used throughout the development, in apartments as well as the houses in which the Polypipe MVHR units are fitted.

The Pemberly development is half way through the build, but a number of housing units have already been sold and are now occupied.

Polypipe Ventilation is well placed to offer immediate, practical solutions to Building Regulations Parts F & L. The company continues to provide differentiated solutions in the private and social housing sectors, transforming the way developers, specifiers, installers, homeowners and distributors meet emerging environmental standards. Polypipe Ventilation’s product offering is also backed up with a range of support services, from technical support, web site tools and literature through to BPEC approved installer training.

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