Stopcocks Women Plumbers makes life easy for customers

Stopcocks Women Plumbers makes life easy for customers

The well-known brand, Stopcocks Women Plumbers, has launched services to represent all skilled tradeswomen.

Stopcocks’ clear position as a brand of female plumbers standing for quality customer service is now extending into all trades.

“Our customers have busy lives, they want everything to be simple. They already get it that by using a brand that stands for great customer service they are saving themselves hassle in their homes and in the future. Now they want to be able to come to just one place for all their domestic skilled trades services” , says Mica May, Director at Stopcocks Women Plumbers.

The new Endorsed by Stopcocks scheme allows all qualified tradeswomen to be represented in one place so that they’re easy for customers to find. The service will make things quicker and easier for customers and will support all skilled tradeswomen – making them easier to be found by customers looking for a quality service.

At a time when the reputation of the manual trades is at an all time low, Stopcocks Women Plumbers has made its focus ‘exquisite customer service’, establishing itself as a company to trust. The intention of the scheme is to raise the profile of skilled tradeswomen even more by increasing representation around the whole of UK.

“Often when customers phone us, even before they tell us what they want they have a sorry tale to tell of the service they’ve already received at the hands of ‘traditional tradespeople’. They say ‘if only we’d thought of using you sooner!’”.

We want to make using Stopcocks tradeswomen the first choice everywhere. To do that, we need more tradeswomen to join us, as full licencees and through our Endorsed by Stopcocks scheme. This will enable us to bring skilled tradeswomen together all over the UK.


“We’re pretty internet savvy and have come up with a formula to be able to quickly bring a new tradeswoman or a new area up the Google rankings, making any tradeswoman who joins us much easier to find. Our target customers need speed as well as reliability, and we have ways to get found fast. Through plugging into our search engine success, tradeswomen can get found by the right customers”.

The scheme is ready to roll right now. Skilled tradeswomen can now contact Stopcocks from anywhere in Britain and can be immediately plugged into the system, making them easier to find for customers.


Stopcocks Women Plumbers also believes in making a difference and has a trip planned in October and November, when the brand will be working on plumbing for a Community Children’s Home in Kithoka, Kenya.


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