Wetroom installation: The installer’s view

Wetroom installation: The installer’s view

Hattie Hasan, founder of Stopcocks and the brains behind the Women Installers Together conference, recently worked on the installation of a wetroom using Impey’s wetroom system, consisting of a Waterguard tanking kit, an AquaDec EasyFit floor former and an AquaMat underfloor heating kit.

As well as recording her experience as a vlog, Hattie chatted to the company about the installation.

How did you find the overall experience of fitting the Impey AquaDec wetroom system?
I found the system really easy to use and install. I have fitted an Impey wetroom system before onto a solid floor, but this current installation was over joists. Handling the tray was easy. The materials are lightweight, so lifting the tray in and out of the space was no problem. Overall the instructions were clear and easy to follow. The only part where I felt it was not clear related to the adjusting of the waste ring. I had to read the instructions several times and watch a video.

Impey’s AquaDec EasyFit floor former features a rotating drain plate – did you feel this was a benefit?
This was the genius of the tray. Even with the rotating drain plate, I still came upon a problem where the tray waste couldn’t miss a joist. A combination of the rotating plate and moving the tray by 100mm meant I was able to overcome the problem without it impacting on the overall space or fall into waste. A fixed waste would’ve meant I would have had to significantly alter the wetroom design in order to accommodate the waste position.

How did you feel about Impey’s Waterguard tanking system?
I loved the waterguard tanking system. The measurement guides made it easy to navigate the various corners of the bathroom without too much waste and meant that I could cut out complex shapes ‘off site’, and then bring them into the bathroom and know they would fit.

I did the tiling as well. I was able to use the measurement guides to begin my tile layout, and get a nice ‘true’ tile line.

I found the adhesion good. On a couple of occasions, I had to get rid of air bubbles, but I found I could lift the fleece to refit, as long as I hadn’t pressed it down finally. Once it was pressed down though, it stayed down. Once it was down I felt confident that I had created a water-tight ‘room within a room’.

Have you attended the Impey We Are Wetrooms training course (or any other wetroom installation training courses)?
No… but I would love to, along with some of our other Stopcocks Women Plumbers!

Do you feel there is a noticeable rise in wetroom jobs?
Yes, cleaner, slicker lines and open spaces are becoming very fashionable and wetrooms fit this trend perfectly.

Have you noticed a trend for tilers turning to bathroom installation? Or vice versa?
Yes, the son of one of our plumbers trained as a tiler so he could be on hand for her, but now they are really busy fitting disabled access bathrooms and conversions to shower rooms.

Lastly, do you have any other thoughts on the Impey wetroom system installation?
I know there are other manufacturers of wetroom systems, but I believe I have found the best. We actively sought the support of Impey Showers for our Women Installers Together conference because I am an avid fan of the wet room system, AquaDec EasyFit and Waterguard system. It’s a product and system that can be trusted to do exactly what it is supposed to do.

As part of a full Impey Wetroom System, the products Hattie used were:
*AquaDec EasyFit Floor Former
*Waterguard Wetroom Tanking Membrane Kit
*AquaMat Underfloor Heating System

Watch Hattie’s vlog below…

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