WATCH: Wavin Handy Hack #4

WATCH: Wavin Handy Hack #4

Wavin has introduced a series of handy hack videos demonstrating how to save time on tricky jobs.

From pipes that you can’t quite reach, to bends that won’t fit into tight corners – many plumbers will have been there, scratching heads wondering how to tackle an awkward job. To help, Wavin has launched a new series of handy hack videos, giving plumbers a step-by-step guide on how to use its range of products. These videos are designed to help plumbers develop their skills, get jobs done quicker and make tricky jobs a lot easier to handle.

The series is presented by former plumber Steve Harris, who’s now a technical support engineer at Wavin. The videos cover both Wavin Hep2O and Osma products.

Hack 4: Flexible Pan Connectors for awkward spaces
Wavin’s Osma Flexible Pan Connectors have been designed to help plumbers fitting toilets in a tight space. They bend and hold their shape, so they can be moulded into any size corner. They’re also shaped like a concertina so they can be stretched or squeezed to any desired length.


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