Update from Heroes of Heat

Update from Heroes of Heat

Stuart Duff speaks to Jonathon Hallam about the latest news from Heroes of Heat and the recent projects it has completed.

Heroes of Heat has changed a little bit since last year. What’s the philosophy behind the set-up?

Heroes of Heat has progressed a lot these last few months, our popularity and mission has taken us nationwide. This is why we recently advertised for UK volunteers – on each project we need local installers to survey, aid the installation and provide aftercare. Also, due to the support offerings from installers, I have established Facebook groups, Twitter groups and internal news to secure positivity, show community spirit and display my gratitude. I now consider Heroes of Heat to have matured and volunteers now have certain responsibilities in the group.

You recently worked on Sadie’s Project with Band of Builders. How did you get involved and how did it go?

Each project has its own challenges. Sadie’s Project was 35 construction workers in a domestic property! Damon Steele was the site foreman and managed to overcome. The BoB project came about as I was aware of Sadie’s project and enquired about their boiler age. Addam Smith of BoB invited us along. It was a wonderful experience, especially meeting the team. All were positive and helpful.

You have a real mix of older and younger installers working on your projects. How important is it to you to give the next generation that experience of working alongside and learning from time-served engineers?

In terms of projects, fuel poverty is our cause – followed by supporting new entrants in the construction industry. We can offer them 24/7 guidance and inspiration. We now have the HoH juniors group chat, Facebook group and recently I posted a quick YouTube tutorial to answer their questions. In the past we have donated tools, and provided references for prospective employers.

On every project, we promote youngsters to attend. Its adds the to the atmosphere, passion and motivation behind what we do.

Do you have a number of projects lined up for the coming months? Are you still on the lookout for deserving causes?

We have various projects lined up, which we like to be discreet about to respect the charities involved. Also, we are in the process of arranging fundraising events to raise awareness of our nominated charities and finances.

How can installers get in touch with you if they’d like to help?

Should any installers or manufacturers want to join our network, its simple. Just DM our social media pages with your personal details, what skills you have or what you can contribute to our projects.

You can find the latest news from Heroes of Heat on Twitter: @Heroes_of_Heat.

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