Do you take health and safety seriously?

Do you take health and safety seriously?

The attitude of the trades to health and safety was the topic of this week’s #TradesTalk discussion on Twitter (with the help of guest co-host, Werner). As usual, the community had lots to say on the issue.

Here is our round-up of the best bits.

The first question looked at the biggest safety concerns there are on site.

Next, the discussion moved on to whether there is anything manufacturers can do to improve safety.

The topic of safety training was covered next and many said that, as self-employed tradespeople, they hadn’t undergone any significant training since college.

Quite a few of the #TradesTalk community suggested that training could be available at events like Toolfair.

The discussion looked at whether we are more (or less) aware of health and safety concerns these days.

A huge amount of people said they rely on social media for news and updates regarding health and safety regulation, as well as trade magazines and events.

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