PRODUCT TEST: Solid Gear Star Camo Infinity Mid Boot

PRODUCT TEST: Solid Gear Star Camo Infinity Mid Boot

Ronny Wendlandt of RW Electrical Installation tries out the Star Camo Infinity Mid Boot from Solid Gear.

When the package containing these new safety boots first arrived, I’ll admit to thinking that the folk at Solid Gear had made some sort of mistake and that the box was indeed empty judging by how heavy it was.

Think again though Ronny, as upon opening the package my eyes lit up and a big smile started to spread across my face – not only did the parcel contain a pair of these fantastic lightweight boots, they also looked incredibly smart at the same time. A dark blue camo look, with white heel and an orange style line? Talk about right up my alley!

Very fitting?
As with any work boots, comfort should be one of your most important considerations, especially as we trade professionals have to wear them for up to 12 hours a day. Slipping on the Snickers Solid Gear Camo Infinity Mid Boot honestly felt like wearing a glove, but on your feet instead – lightweight, snug and comfortable. The sole inside the boot fitted straight to the contour of my feet and the width was also spot-on.

Day-to-day use
Working outside (and inside) can be uncomfortable at the best of times, especially during miserable weather, so the last thing you want is wet and cold feet. On that front, these boots certainly didn’t disappoint as not once did my feet feel cold. Instead they were kept warm and toasty all day long – testament to the waterproofing credentials of the footwear.

I’m also up and down ladders regularly so I was particularly pleased to see that the boots don’t slip from ladder trestles and that they also provide good support to the ankle. When working in a loft space I found the boots to be extremely flexible, giving me a strong grip and feel along the joists. A very good heel support was also noticeable and the stretch on the front allowed the boots to bend forward with ease.

If you’re used to heavy cumbersome boots, blisters, extremely tight fits, wearing through work socks etc. then you’ll be delighted to hear that such woes will be a thing of the past with these new boots. Thanks to the cushioning provided, I’d go as far as to say that you could use them on a running track, such was the spring in my step wherever I walked.

Safety and protection
The Star Camo Infinity Mid Boot provides all that you’d expect from a pair of safety boots, including a strong sole and mid sole with steel toe cap. Well not quite a steel toe cap, but a newly developed Nano toe cap, which is 40% stronger than fibreglass, lighter than other materials used and also thinner than other non-metallic toe caps. A good grip with a slip resistance sole provides stability and reassurance.

Would I recommend?
These boots are a five out of five for me and it’s actually hard to pick any fault with them. By far the most comfortable safety boots I’ve ever worn, and all supported by the reassurance of a quality brand like Solid Gear.

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