Spirotech SpiroTrap MB3 dirt separator

Spirotech SpiroTrap MB3 dirt separator

PHPI looks at how to set system dirt free with Spirotech’s SpiroTrap MB3 dirt separator.

The SpiroTrap MB3 has been designed to separate and quickly remove even the smallest dirt particles, both magnetic and non-magnetic, from a heating system, thanks to its magnetic field booster technology. Made from brass, the SpiroTrap MB3 comes with a 20-year SpiroLife guarantee and has been designed to ensure heating systems operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The compact SpiroTrap MB3 features an external magnet that can be removed quickly without having to disrupt the system. The action of removing the magnet brings the magnetic dirt particles together in the collection chamber prior to draining and cleaning the filter, which takes only a few seconds. This, combined with the Spirotube at its core, helps to provide optimum dirt separation with a very low flow resistance or effective pressure drop.

Step 1


Firstly drain down the heating system or isolate the area where the unit will be fitted by freezing or other means.

Step 2


Spirotech recommends that the SpiroTrap MB3 is installed on the return pipe near to the boiler or elsewhere on the main flow. The arrow on the unit indicates the direction the water should flow through the unit.

Step 3


Using the measure provided on the installation instructions remove 60mm of pipe where the SpiroTrap MB3 will be installed.

Step 4


Then slide on the olives and compression fittings provided.

Step 5


Once again ensure the arrow on the unit matches the flow direction. The unit can then be easily slid onto the pipe with the benefit of its slipsocket before hand-tightening the connections and finishing with an appropriate tool.

Step 6


Wrap the provided PFTE tape to the thread of the drain valve before connecting it to the bottom of the SpiroTrap MB3. Then hand tighten the ring nut before tightening with a tool to achieve the final seal.

Step 7


Slide on the external magnet before refilling the system.

Step 8


Spirotech recommends cleaning the filter once a year. To do this you firstly need to turn off the boiler before ensuring any pump overrun has finished.

Step 9


Then remove the magnet by sliding it down the unit.

Step 10


Unscrew and remove the safety cap from the drain valve before attaching a suitable discharge hose to the drain valve.

Step 11


The safety cap can then be used as the key to open the drain valve by putting the cap onto the drain spindle.

Step 12


To empty the collected debris turn the safety cap slowly to open the drain valve a quarter of a turn for 5 to 10 seconds or until the water becomes clear then close the valve. Release the collected debris from the unit to a suitable container.

Step 13


Screw the cap back on to the drain valve. Under normal conditions no more cleaning should be required until the next service.

Step 14


Replace the magnet on the SpiroTrap MB3.

Step 15


Turn the pump on before checking the pressure, fill up if necessary. Finally complete the sticker provided and place on the boiler.

Note: Always read the instructions carefully. As is the case with all elements of a heating system, care needs to be taken when touching the unit as it is a brass product and may become too hot to touch. If needed, the unit can be insulated.

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