Maximise boiler efficiency with Smart Controls

Maximise boiler efficiency with Smart Controls

Heat pumps have once again been in the spotlight as government funded financial support for homeowners interested in switching to low carbon technology is explored further. Martin Wilson, Sales Director at Resideo, looks at how smart controls have an important role to play in maximising the effectiveness of both existing boiler systems, as well as for customers making the move to a low carbon home heating option.  

Resideo’s recent research revealed that 43% of homeowners were willing to spend money on the latest technology if it meant they could save money in the long run. Indeed, whether the decision to upgrade a property’s heating is being made due to a desire to reduce impact on the planet, or with an eye to saving on energy bills, the right control is vital in ensuring a home maximizes its energy usage.  

In recent years, heat pumps have gone from a little-known technology to playing a central role in the government’s plans to decarbonise the nation’s heating systems. The heat pump market is expected to continue to increase, as more homeowners start to look at potentially upgrading their heating systems using a low-carbon technology.  

For some customers, fitting a smart control to an existing boiler installation could be the first step towards increasing efficiency, with a view to moving to a heat pump further down the line. The Honeywell Home evohome, for instance, can be installed with either heat source, providing smart advantages for an existing system while offering homeowners a future-proofed solution should they decide to make the switch later.  

Hybrid working, flexible heating
The opportunity to spend more time working from home has undoubtedly given many of us more flexibility. However, it has also made us think more carefully about how we heat our homes.  

Working from one room during the day means heating an entire house is inefficient and costly. It is here where additional control over the heating system can result in both savings and increased comfort, and where a smart zoning control can make a real difference for both boiler and heat pump systems.  

The Honeywell Home evohome with smart zoning technology can be installed with thermostatic radiator valves to wirelessly measure and control temperatures for up to 12 zones individually, without needing to disturb décor during installation. Working with boiler and heat pump systems, having this smart zoning feature available allows customers to control the temperature in rooms they aren’t using, therefore saving energy and money.  

It is also possible to link compatible smart controls into one efficient system too. For instance, the Honeywell Home HCC100 underfloor multi-zone controller can also work seamlessly with the Honeywell Home evohome to ensure multiple underfloor heating zones can be created. 

By combining the two, it ensures management of all zones through one touchscreen device and via the app. As both can work with existing and greener heat sources, it also means that, should the customer choose to upgrade to a greener alternative in the future, the controls are already in place and ready to go. 

Working with the weather
At present, the British weather seems ever more unpredictable, with a mild autumnal day quickly tuning to a chilly frost in the space of a few hours.  

Advances in technology means homeowners can rely on smarter control offerings to navigate temperature fluctuations; monitoring outside weather temperatures and communicating with the heating system to adjust the temperature within the property, so that the system is running as efficiently as possible. 

The smart weather feature on the Honeywell Home evohome system, for example, will follow the set programme on cooler days, but when it warms up outside it will automatically turn the heating off and save energy. It does this by monitoring outside temperature, room temperature and setpoint, and acts when heat demands are very low. Using patented Advanced Load Scaling technology, this limits inefficient high return temperatures and runs the boiler in its most efficient mode. 

As air source heat pumps rely on the outside air to generate heat, smart controls are essential to ensuring that heat pumps deliver optimum comfort in the most energy efficient way. However, it is crucial that they are correctly set up by the installer and used in the right way by occupants.  

Main Image: Resideo

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