Alpha launches the ‘NXt’ generation of gas boilers 

Alpha launches the ‘NXt’ generation of gas boilers 

Alpha has launched the ProTec NX to its portfolio of gas boilers, saying it offers a high-efficiency, fan-assisted condensing boiler for commercial applications, as well as larger domestic projects.  

Available in six individual outputs ranging from 48kW up to 180kW, the boiler range has the capability of cascading to achieve higher outputs and increase load flexibility. Its 1:10 modulation range enables the boiler to run at a low output with fewer on/off cycles, reducing emissions and increasing component longevity. 

For installers, the company says ProTec NX offers an easy-to-fit unit which can be wall-mounted or fixed to a freestanding low or ultra-low frame. The boiler is factory-fitted with a room-sealed ‘C’ flue type configuration but is also compatible with ‘B23’ or twin flue systems using the stub kit. 

A wide range of hydraulic accessories is available to link boilers, and plate exchangers and low loss headers to feed multiple heating and hot water zones. 

The ProTec NX has an inbuilt option within the boiler control panel capable of setting programs, temperatures and zones to suit the system need. Using Alpha’s smart commercial controls, it is possible to link multiple boilers in cascade and drive them all from one ‘master’ boiler. 

Alternatively, installers can use separate controls to manage the ProTec NX, either using Alpha’s own cascade controller or a separate panel from the plant room. Input from these can be simple ON/OFF control; or using OpenTherm compatibility according to the required demand and energy-saving requirements. 

Darran Smith, Technical Manager for Alpha, commented: “Our new ProTec NX range offers a brand-new innovative gas boiler for commercial premises that require a boiler system upgrade. Updating our former ProTec Plus range, NX enables greater ability to link and cascade boilers, depending on power required, and seasonal and building load demands. 

“All models are approved and certified for hydrogen blended gas when the network begins to offer it, to further reduce carbon levels towards the decarbonising goals. Weather compensation also comes as standard, with the use of a sensor to monitor outside temperature and adjusting the output of the boiler to suit the demand and desired internal temperature. 

“It is vital for installers to understand the requirements and controls of this system, and the vast opportunities it offers in commercial projects. We offer a wide number of training courses to assist installers in doing this.” 

To book onto one of Alpha’s free training courses, please click here.


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