Infrared radiators

Infrared radiators

Infrarad presents its top 10 reasons to choose an infrared radiator.

  1. Infrared heats surfaces and objects in a room; it does not directly heat the air. That means that the risk of condensation is minimal and the building fabric remains warm and dry.
  2. Traditional central heating radiators (convectors) circulate warm, moist air that can be laden with dust, mould and fungal spores. The cooler, drier air in a room fitted with infrared radiators creates a healthier, more comfortable environment.
  3. Infrared heating is economical to run and install. It requires no chimney or flue, no oil lines or fuel tank, no storage for pellets and no expensive boiler.
  4. Lightweight and easy to install (the largest Infrarad Contract radiator weighs less than 10kg), a heating install can easily be completed in one day.
  5. Infrared heating is extremely versatile and unobtrusive. It can be incorporated into bathroom radiators and towel warmers, mirrors, glass panels and granite. Even pictures can become radiators.
  6. Because it heats the objects directly in front of it, infrared heating can be focused precisely where it is needed without wasting it. This is invaluable in larger open spaces such as warehouses.
  7. Infrared heating is practically maintenance-free. There are no moving parts and no boiler or PCB to repair/service.
  8. Because infrared heating does not create warm air currents, there is no heat layering and no draughts.
  9. Unlike traditional central heating, no special insulation is required behind the radiator when Infrarad radiators are used. 95% of the heat is radiated into the room.
  10. Upgrading to an infrared heating system is simple, relatively inconvenient and mess free. There is no upheaval, no floor boards to lift, no fuel lines or ‘tiger loops’, no boiler, no pump or manifold; just clean lightweight radiators to install where and when you need them.

The Contract range

The Contract range is a collection of lightweight composite panels designed for wall or floor-mounting. Three hard-wired models are available in output ratings of 500, 800 and 1,000W. Panels are available in plain gloss white and plain gloss black, with matching frames, and are designed for a surface temperature of below 90°C.

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