Honest John Vans | Finance for electric vans

Honest John Vans | Finance for electric vans

Are you considering an electric van? Dan Powell from Honest John Vans explains your finance options.

Electric van finance can be confusing, but the process is actually relatively simple with the cost of the vehicle being spread over monthly payments. The cost of the payments will depend on the type of finance package you choose and the value of the vehicle. You may also be charged interest (APR) and fees for damage of excess mileage, which means the total cost of the vehicle may be higher than buying it outright.

As with anything, it’s essential to read all of the documents and understand what you are agreeing to. It’s also wise to shop around as a bank loan or a different financial package may be cheaper than what’s offered in the first instance.

When it comes to electric van finance, it is usually split across four options: leasing, contract hire, personal contract purchase and hire purchase. In all cases, you will be signing a financial agreement that will commit you to the duration of the agreed contract.

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